Week forty-eight

The last two years have been a series of firsts for Space Girl – from being held by Daddy for the first time to saying her first words.

The firsts that I remember most are:

  • First day – first: sight of her, hold, change of nappy and sleepless night while she cried – she struggled to feed and was hungry until we had to use her first bottle.
  • First day of calm – first: content sleep accompanied by noisy reassuring breaths, farts, burps and sick.
  • First independence – first: time she realised she had feet, roll over, unsupported sit up, crawl, stand, walk and run.
  • First fun – first: smile, giggle, laugh, chase and tickle.
  • First affection – first: cuddle given out, wave goodbye and wet kiss goodnight – the latter with sound effects.
  • First experiences – first: zoom (see earlier post Zooming and Custard), slide and spin at the playground, water fountain, swimming pool, paddling pool, sandpit, paddle in the sea, rock pool, crab, caterpillar, ladybird and stroke of the cat.
  • First art – first: scribble, sticker, circle drawn, paint and dance.
  • First obsessions – first: custard, In the Night Garden episode, Peppa Pig DVD, The Tiger Who Came To Tea book and game on Daddy’s iPhone.
  • First sign of growing up – first: sit in her high chair, wash of her hands, use of her potty and stand on her step stool.
  • First food preferences – first: olive (without stone), pickle, breadstick, crisp, cheese and pickle sandwich, banana, yoghurt and custard.
  • First words – first: “Dad Eee” (Daddy), “Mum-M” (Mummy), “Nanny” (Granny) and “Iggle” (Iggle Piggle from In the Night Garden). And first sentence – first “My Dad Eee” (my daddy).

It is a shame that the firsts lose their excitement when they are seconds and thirds and fourths … but I am sure there are many new firsts to come.


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