Week twenty-six

Favourite food

Space Girl’s favourite food is cooked celery.

It seems an odd favourite for a sensitive toddler palate but she’ll happily munch a whole plateful of the green stuff. And she certainly won’t start eating the next type of food on her plate until every piece of celery has been eaten.

If favourite was measured by volume consumed then my favourite food stuff would be a cold cup of tea. Making tea in stages with frequent delays and distractions means that by the time it’s made I’ve almost forgotten I wanted it and so leave it somewhere to be found later, cold.

Favourite clothing

Space Girl’s favourite clothing is her red macrame-like knitted hat.

It’s the only hat she’ll wear without immediately pulling it off her head – similarly she won’t wear gloves. But she’ll wear her red hat indoors and outdoors – and sometimes for dinner. It must be very comfy or warm or not too itchy or just the right size or she likes the colour – whatever criteria babies judge hats by. I think the two side tassels help with the appeal – where the downside of wearing a hat is beaten by the upside of being able to shake her head and wobble them.

My favourite clothing must be a shirt, one lovingly decorated with any or all of milk, breakfast, sneezes, sucks and sticky things.

Favourite cuddly toy

Space Girl’s favourite cuddly toy is her red, pink and yellow bee, with red antennae.

At various times those red antennae have been wobbled, tweaked and sucked until saturated. No pram journey would be complete without Bee’s antennae sticking up in the front of the pram. It (gender unknown) has been nearly everywhere with us – a very well travelled and frequently washed bee.

It’s a snub that Bee is her favourite because I spent a long time choosing a perfect black and white cuddly dog which she just ignores – I even bought two in case one got lost.

Favourite animal

Finally, Space Girl’s favourite animal is a dog.

Not a bee I note but a dog – thus making the black and white cuddly dog snub doubly snubby.


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