Week fourteen

I’ll be sad when Space Girl can walk and talk. That’s because I’ll have lost her forever as a baby.

Space Girl has stopped doing some things already:

  • Her friend the ‘other baby’ (seen in mirrors) that she used to wave to and laugh with has gone – replaced by herself looking back
  • Zooming (being carried towards a mirror with a “zoom” – holding tight, obstacle free and safely of course) doesn’t make her beam or wobble her legs excitedly – instead just a smile
  • The rocking surfer clock on the mantelpiece no longer makes her laugh
  • She no longer poos in the bath – instead an occasional wee standing up

Things Space Girl does that I’ll miss the most are:

  • Old fashioned looking hair – the way it first grew
  • ‘Goo goo’ used for everything – we think it comes from copying the sound of us saying “good girl”
  • Shaking her legs when excited
  • Giving herself a clap
  • Always sneezing twice
  • Wet kisses – on my cheek, open mouthed, breathy and dribbly
  • Eating peas, beans and sweetcorn one at a time very slowly and inspecting each one before committing
  • Breakfast being far too early to feed herself – except for Baby Cheerios by putting her little finger in the middle of each one
  • Farting spectacularly during dinner
  • Taking lids and putting them back again
  • Sticking things in the holes in the coffee table
  • Sitting bolt upright when being pushed in her buggy/pram
  • Staring unblinkingly at strangers
  • Crying just before daytime sleeps
  • Sleeping on her front with her knees tucked in and her bottom in the air – sometimes on top of a carefully placed cuddly toy


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