Week six

I’m six weeks into caring for my daughter.

Space Girl loves chasing aliens – our two cats. Or a “Da” as she calls them.

Humans and cats are very different species but we manage to coexist which bodes well for meeting real aliens.

Alien One (male) acts tough – a torn ear, picking fights, eating birds and mice from head to tail on the lawn and sicking up discarded takeaways. But really he’s Mummy’s Little Boy and loves lying on Mummy’s lap on his back having his tummy tickled. He only likes me just before his breakfast or for the occasional tummy tickle. The biggest sofa is his and wherever Alien Two (female) had been happily sleeping. Before Space Girl he was just behind Mummy in his pecking order with me next then Alien Two. He and I disagree about the pecking order.

Alien Two thinks she’s a dog – running up and down the staircase and zig zag up the garden. She’s an enthusiastic cuddler – never staying still – padding, rubbing, head-butting, nose-wiping and spinning. And she loves me – following me around and fixing me with big watery eyes.

The aliens are unhappy about the arrival of Space Girl – party because of the fur grabbing and tail pulling but mainly because of the chasing – off, onto, round and between sofas, beds and rooms.

Alien Two is trying make friends – although from a distance with a lot of staring from both parties.

But Alien One needs to come to terms with Space Girl pushing him down his pecking order first.

For safety we make sure the door is firmly closed while Space Girl is sleeping to keep the cats out and also check for hiding cats before leaving her. Just in case they curl up with her.

The cat flap has just clattered and I heard a “Da”. I hope the first human that real aliens meet isn’t Space Girl.


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