Week four

Four weeks into caring for my daughter and I’m wondering:

Where has all the time gone? I used to have some spare. Now I grab odd minutes and tens of minutes where I can or start the day early or finish late. Space Girl is all consuming – continuous hard work but rewarding, fun and a good way to spend time. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she tells me later she could time travel but only forward when so young – which was where all the time went.

Where does the dribble and snot come from? Colds, teething and concentrating means Space Girl has an endless supply. I keep changing her wet tops and the floor has damp patches which are a cold surprise to stand in. I dry her face and neck but sometimes she saves me the effort by crawling over me and wiping as she goes.

What happened to planning ahead? My plans change last minute due to colds, painful teething, small bumps and poorly timed sleeps. But it keeps me on my toes, fitter and feeling younger.

And finally what were the best adventures in the last two weeks?

  • Walking using her brick walker – In straight lines until she hits something. She was very pleased with herself
  • Her own words – Space Girl says a hard “da” for cat, a softer “doh” for dog and “da da da da da” when she’s feeling sorry for herself
  • The right word – Sometimes she gets it right but I think it’s coincidence or me seeking patterns. She picked up a letter g block and said “guh” – Impressive. Then picked up another letter and said “guh” and another – Disappointing
  • Tube – We went to see Oily Cart’s play for under twos called Tube (*). Before the play she stared at an actor with a silly hat for five minutes without blinking which impressed Granny. She liked the glowing balls and long balloons the best
  • First burst ballon – We brought a bent long balloon home and over a few days she squeezed it, scraped it with her finger nails, gave it a slow leak and bit it … and finally burst it – shock, upset then disappointment
  • Her first tall wobbly tower of Mega Bloks (*) using different shapes and colours
  • Belly laughs for me (before just Mummy) – Putting my face close to Space Girl’s while saying “duh” then when she touches my face saying “err err err” and pretending to split a lot
  • Other new skills – Turning the stereo on, off and the volume louder, switching her musical dog on, opening drawers and cupboards and pulling things out.

She is growing up fast.

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