Week two

Two weeks into caring for my daughter and I’m exhausted. Mummy must have had a lot of energy and patience this past year.

Highlights from our first two weeks of adventure are:

  • Warmth and peacefulness – Space Girl leaning against me while reading a book (preferably with flaps) or playing with her toys. Relaxed and taking our time and not snatched as it was when I was working
  • Dancing to Radio One together (*) – Space Girl bobs to songs she likes while she’s sitting down and I join in
  • City farm trip – Space Girl stroked a rabbit and a baby chinchilla
  • Swing and water – At the town park Space Girl liked the swing, being carried through the water jet tunnel and putting her hands and feet alternately into the water from a small fountain – with me holding tight, wearing walking boots and safely of course
  • Songs at the library – Space Girl stared expressionless at the singer throughout and I sang out of tune
  • Playgroup – Space Girl liked crawling through the tunnel and sitting in the middle at right angles bopping to make it wobble. She also liked the toy dinosaurs
  • Gardening – Space Girl destroyed a sizeable portion of Mummy’s begonias after the rain stopped
  • Crayon picture – Space Girl did the dots and I did the lines and circles
  • Mega Blok stack (*) – After two weeks of trying and getting frustrated when they didn’t stick if not lined up, Space Girl managed to put six two-ers together one a time
  • Mount Staircase – After a few weeks of practice on the bottom step below the stair gate she can now crawl up the staircase – Slowly with frequent breaks to rest and see where she’s come from – with me sitting behind blocking any fall and holding tight of course
  • Chef Daddy – A drawer in the freezer is now full of small portions of puréed fruit, mashed vegetables, tagine and cassoulet. I’ve also cooked omelette, cheesy beans on toast and pasta with mushroom and cream cheese. Chilli, curry and custard next.

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