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Week zero

I left work this week and I’m now caring for my daughter full time.

And this week Space Girl completed her first orbit round the Sun and so we had a birthday party for her and the Space Cadets (her little friends).

We had cocktail sticks with cheese and pickled onions on them, big bags of crisps and a rabbit shaped jelly – I insisted as a point of principle, being a birthday party. Dips for the mummies – mandatory. And Space Girl had a cake with a bear in it – but she could only have a tiny bit because she’s too young for sugar.

While the Mummies and Daddies talked the Space Cadets went on important missions to pull, push, grab, throw, climb and put things in their mouths. They used a scattergun approach so that Mummies and Daddies had to hand to, retrieve and put back various items from various places as well as hold, steady and guide them. By the end of the party they had covered most possibilities.

Space Girl likes to organise her toys and so I can imagine her mission debrief …. that was an utter shambles … all we have to show are a room strewn with toys, lost shoes and some small bruises.

I had mixed emotions watching Space Girl:

  • Proud she had developed so much – She looked robust and self-assured
  • Happy she fitted in – Grabbing other Space Cadets’ toys and poking them in the eyes
  • Hoping she was enjoying herself – I think so because she stared and frowned at the Space Cadets which means she’s interested or disapproves. And she breathed heavily and dribbled which means she’s concentrating – where long stints lead to wet tops
  • Worry she was a bit solitary at times – But some Space Cadets were walking which left her behind. Or doing new things which need to be thought about first
  • Sad she’s growing up – We’re losing the baby we’ve enjoyed so much.

I’m now caring for Space Girl full time. I wonder what adventures we’ll have before her next birthday.


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