Week minus two

It’s two weeks until I leave work, my wife returns to work after a year of maternity leave and I take over caring for our daughter.

After a month of final tests, Space Girl is mobile.

It looks like Mummy got the design and build stages, and some prelaunch tests (sitting up). And Daddy will get roving, lift off, repair and maintenance (crawling, walking, picking things up and putting things back and rubbing better).

One small step:

Space Girl has wanted to stand up for a month now – raising her arms for a lift, trying to climb the sofa, various legs and all of Daddy, and being pulled up for a practice wobbly stand.

And now, with a firm grip and a gentle pulling forward, the standing has turned into wobbly steps – determined and pronounced alternating steps.

To her – Steps with a capital “S”. To me – one small step at a time.

One giant leap:

First was rolling, then leg wobbling on her belly, then pushing herself backwards – and crying when inevitably stuck under a bed or chair. The latter doubly upsetting when banging her head when trying to sit up.

And then a week ago Space Girl crawled – properly, quite fast and forward. Since then she’s crawled to and into everything she can.

She has a new world to explore – inside cupboards that were closed, taking clothes out of the basket and pulling tea towels off the radiator. On Saturday we spent a happy time in front of the bookcase – her taking books out one by one, me putting them back and her taking them out again. I put them back in a better order and found books I’d never read – so satisfying for both of us.

I’m starting to realise what my time with Space Girl will be like: crawling combined with pulling, pushing, grabbing, throwing, climbing and putting things in her mouth.

For me – trouble. For her – one giant leap into into a new world.


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